7 Easy Steps to Clean Your Skateboard Bearings

Bearings are important components in a machine. They make machinery move at a faster and more efficient way. They also help prevent friction between parts of a machine which may result in breaking of components. They also serve as a barrier to contaminants which may contaminate sensitive components in a machine.

Like any other parts of a machine, it is important to keep the bearings clean. Letting the bearings accumulate dirt will result in a poor performance and may even cause damage inside the machine. One type of bearings that are usually prone to dirt and grime are skateboard bearings.

It is rather easy to clean these bearings, although it is a tedious task. But you might want to clean them first before using them, else you’ll be eating the dirt from the pavement when they act up. We don’t want that, right? Here are the steps on cleaning your bearings.

Clean Your Skateboard Bearings

1. Gather the Necessary Materials

Before anything else, you must have all of the materials that you’ll be using when cleaning the bearings. This includes pliers, screwdrivers, socket wrenches, rackets, and the T-tool. Make sure to have these at hand or you’ll be wasting time moving back and forth to find the correct tool.

2. Take out the Bearings

Using the socket wrench, pry off the skateboard’s wheel from the board. Use the wrench to loosen the nuts and bolts of the wheel. Once the wheel is out, take it apart to locate the bearings inside. Make sure to keep the other parts of the wheel in one place to avoid losing them.

Once you’ve located the bearings, carefully remove them from the wheel using a screwdriver. Bearing pullers can also be used to pry off the bearings from the wheel. Since bearings are sometimes attached tightly inside, it might take some wiggling to shake it loose.

3. Clean the Bearings

Once you’ve managed to free the bearings from the wheel, it’s time to clean them. Be careful when cleaning the bearings because you might get some dirt on it while cleaning it. Prepare a container with paint thinner. Soak the bearings for a short time until the grime and dirt can be easily removed with a cloth.

Some bearings have bearing shields on them which are still attached. You need to remove them in order to clean the bearings properly. Use a razor blade or a small pin to remove the plastic shield before soaking them in the solution.

Afterwards, gently rub a cloth onto the bearing. This is to remove the dirt that is lodged in the small spaces on it.

4. Dry the Bearings

Once you’ve finished soaking and cleaning the bearings, place them on a towel or rag to let them dry properly. To dry the bearings quickly, you can use a fan or a can of compressed air.

5. Apply Bearing Lubricant

Lubricants are important for bearings. They helped increase their efficiency in a machine. Use lubricants intended for skateboard bearings for best results. Put only at least 2-3 drops of lubricant in each bearing. Spin the bearing around to evenly distribute the lubricant.

6. Put the Bearing Shields Back

Make sure you didn’t lose the bearing shields when you clean the bearings. They can be easily popped back into place. Make sure there are no gaps in-between.

7. Reinstall the Bearings and Assemble Everything Back

Once you’ve put the bearings shields back, it’s time to assemble everything back. Place the bearings back into the wheel firmly using your finger. Once you’re done, assemble the wheels and fasten them back on the skateboard. Make sure that the wheels are properly installed and there are no loose bearings or wheels. Spin the wheel to make the necessary changes.

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