Avoid The Top 5 Mistakes Made By Beginners When Buying Hiking Shoes

For those that are just beginning to hike and are novice backpackers there are thousands of mistakes they make and everyone does it! From packing the wrong gear to choosing the wrong location for their first hike, name it, someone has done it. The most important thing though when it comes to hiking and backpacking is the shoes you wear. If you make a mistake when buying best hiking shoes then your entire trip could be ruined. Here are five mistakes which backpackers make when buying hiking shoes and how you can avoid making the same mistakes.


  1. Buying the Wrong Size

Size is vital when it comes to hiking shoes because it is the feet that will be doing all the work so a shoe needs to fit right. For one shoe you might be one size and for another it may be different. The key is to try on different sizes to find out which fits you. When trying on hiking shoes where the type of sock you will be using when hiking and make sure the boot doesn’t slip. You should also have plenty of room where your toes are otherwise this could end up being painful and you will end up with blisters.

  1. Buying the Wrong Shoe for The Wrong Terrain

Depending on whether you are hiking through rocks, forest, snow or mud there is a shoe for every type of terrain. Take this into consideration when buying. If you are hiking in the summer through forest terrain then your feet will sweat in a pair of hiking shoes made for the winter. Think about terrain and season when purchasing your shoes.

  1. Buying Hiking Shoes which Aren’t Waterproof

One common mistake is not checking to see if the shoes are waterproof. Check because although it might not rain a waterproof pair will provide beginners with the protection they need on their first hike.

  1. Buying the First Pair before Trying Others

The key to buying shoes is to shop around and try on different models. Don’t rush but think about it carefully and shop around. You might find the perfect pair but there might be a better pair in another shop. Always purchase from known hiking and backpacking shops because assistants can help you make the right choice.

  1. Buying the Wrong Type of Shoe

There isn’t just one type of shoe when it comes to hiking. There are boots and shoes made with different support, wide, thin, thick and with various features. Most novice hikers think a pair of sneakers will do but you are wrong. Novice hikers need to break in their feet gently which means getting the right type of hiking shoe.

It can be really exciting getting prepared for a hiking trip so enjoy every second of it. Once you buy the perfect pair of hiking shoes then you are well on your way to enjoy the perfect hike. Take it slowly, shop around and think lightweight and comfort not style. Read more reviews

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