The game boy advance was known as the evolution in gaming before Nintendo turned its attention and focused on a two-screen handheld device. Before the Nintendo DS arrived, the game boy advance had a very short lifespan to mark itself as a success. Not that games were not being made for GBA after the release of DS, but GBA hardly had three years to make its name in the history books of gaming.

Let us take a look back at the awesome, addictive and tremendous games which GBA has produced:

1-    Metroid: Zero Mission:

The game boy advanced was known as the system of remakes and ports which are not always considered as good but when it’s hard to complain when the remake of Zero Mission was done. The old and original Metroid was a great hit of its time, but over the years it became more confusing, clunky and difficult to most of the gamers. Hence came in the remake of it known as Metroid: Zero Mission which solved all these problems. The combination of the old classic music of Metroid and the layout of the modern gameplay turned out to be a stunner for the gamers. In the remake, Nintendo also changed the story a little bit to make it more interesting. If you are also a fan of Gba games and looking for best and cool gba games in today world then you can read above link article to proceed.


2-    The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap:

The franchise Zelda always had to face criticism for its games that they are always similar but for the Minish Cap they handed over the development to Capcom. Capcom made many changes in the development of the game, and the game turned out to be very different and better from the other Zelda games. The game finally explains us the origin of the Four Swords which are commonly seen in all other Zelda multiplayer games.

3-    Metroid Fusion:

Fusion arrived in the stores in 2002, and it came as a sequel of Super Metroid. While it cannot top the Super Metroid, its gameplay is still way better than the other games in the genre of Metroidvania. The gameplay gets more addictive than its predecessor, and there is no shortage at all for exploring new secret areas and unlocking new abilities of different kinds. Fusion is considered to be the last game of the chronology.

4-    Advance Wars:

Nintendo is not known for making hardcore military games, yet the games they have produced in this niche have proven to be the best out there. Advance Wars was released in 2001, and its gameplay has a real depth when it comes to taking cities, building a great army and also moving the best army units to attack the enemy.  Nintendo has not released any new entry in this series after 2008 but they it is still available on Wii.

5-    Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3

There’s no denying the fact that Super Mario Bros 3 has got the better GBA port then Super Mario World. The graphics are completely different and seems more original in this game. Super Mario Bros 3 also has an edge of saving the game and the highlight of this game is e-reader support.

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