Should you buy a lift chair?

Do you have elderly people living with you in your house? Do they have problems sitting or standing up? Then it’s time to invest in a lift chair. Lift chairs are similar with recliner chairs and they are mainly used to assist the user to stand.

The main difference of lift chair and recliners is that lift chairs can help a person stand up from his or her sitting position. Another thing would be is that recliners are manually operated, in contrast with lift chairs which can be controlled by a button. Lift chairs are sometimes coined as a medical equipment to help those who are having difficulty sitting or standing.

Here are reasons why you may need to buy a lift chair:

Overall Comfort

Like what has mentioned above, lift chairs are different from recliners. Recliners can only recline at a certain point. In lift chairs, however, they can be reclined further than recliners to the point that it can be substituted as a bed. Comfortability is an important factor to the user, especially if they are of old age.

Lessens Reliance on Family Members or Caregivers

When an elder person is inside a house, there are times that family members are the ones assisting him or her to stand or sit. With a lift chair, it saves you the time and energy in assisting the elderly.

Decreases Pain

Pain relief is probably the best benefit you can get from lift chairs. A lift chair allows you to easily rise and effectively reduces pain you may feel in your joints. Most elderly people have a hard time rising from a chair due to joint pain. Yes, we know how joints don’t work as they used to decades back and that’s why lift chairs are almost like a miracle.

Helps Keep You Active

The fact that you can easily rise from a chair by yourself, proves that lift chairs can keep you active. With this, you strengthen your muscles and joints and help reduce pain in the long run as well. Even if you also plan on doing strengthening activities, lift chairs make a great addition to your daily routine.


Safety is one of the most important reasons why lift chairs are essential. In emergency situations, you can easily respond quickly and get out of your chair without any struggle. This also prevents any physical accidents from happening, which can cause terrible injuries.

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