How to Clean Converse With The Most Effective DIY Method

Everyone loves to wear Chuck Taylor All Stars, but they don’t like to have dirt on them. As they look awful in this condition. Don’t be panic if you find your Chuck Taylor All Stars dirty. It is very easy to clean your sneakers by using some cleaning material from the house and in this way your Chucks seem to be original once more. Or If you don’t know how to how to wash converse. Read these guidelines.

Required Stuff
So before knowing how to clean converse with the most effective DIY method, Get materials for cleaning, you need following stuff. If you wanted to make, your Converse, chucks cleaned so that they might look brand new. Whereas, you just wanted to remove the major stains from the shoes so that they may look good enough to wear. For this, you have to apply different cleaning methods.

  1. Get some stain remover
  2. Use laundry detergent
  3. 3% hydrogen peroxide solution
  4. Magic Eraser for removing the dust and marks
  5. By using a pair of hand towels and rags for washing and place out your shoes.
  6. The cleaning supplies that you use for cleaning your Chuck Taylor All Stars don’t contain bleach even if your sneakers are white it will harm your sneakers. And can also discolor them.

Take out the shoelaces
One of the easiest methods by which you can clean your laces is by removing them from your sneakers and after that cleans them separately.

  • When you eliminate the lace, it will become easy for you to rub the sneakers for cleaning their tongue and eyelets.
  • Then after removing wash them and put them in a dry towel.

Load your washing machine with similar colored fabrics
If you wanted to defend your washing machine and avoid your shoes from hammering about, then you ought to fill your washing machine with a quantity of clothing or towels that are analogous in the shade to your shoes.

  • If you want that your shoes get the full effects of washing machine, then you should not fill the machine very much.
  • It also recommends that if you don’t want that your shoes affect your clothes then use old clothes.


    • You can clean the rubber part of the shoes by using wet toothbrush having a toothbrush and then rub lightly on it.
    • Also, if you wish to keep it off of the cloth, put toilet tissue, or tape over the borders, as if you were painting.
    • If your shoes get a stain of color, then you can use nail polish remover to remove it. It can easily get it off.
    • Don’t try to wash your sneakers in the machine. It is fine if your shoes have little bit dirt or stain on it.
    • By using the laundry, detergent, you can clean your sneakers.

What are the cautions for Cleaning Converse?

  • If you put your Putting your Chuck Taylor in the washing machine, then the rubber from the fabric will be loosened.
  • You should not wash your converse in the machine as it can lighten the dark and intense colors. You should use the markers carefully as they are everlasting and dirty.
  • Never dry your Chucks in a dryer or over a vent. The heat will warp them and can ruin the rubber

Watch the video tutorial below

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