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What is a service animal? A service animal is basically an animal that trained especially provide assistance to the people having a certain disability. These are also known as assistance animals, helper animals, support animals and many other names which solely depend on the location and function of the animal.

One of the most common service animals available is a dog which is trained in a way that they can provide assistance in many ways. Some other animals are trained as service animals including, monkeys, horses, birds, etc.

Coming in every shape and size, service animals provide enormous benefits to their owners. There is a long list of animals that can be included in the range of a service animal, like dogs, miniature horses ducks, parrots, dolphins, and more. All these animals have and assist a person which has a certain disability. The owner of these service animals can have a prevailing disability, like dementia, post traumatic stress disorder, speech problems, autism, epilepsy, speech problems, etc. Service animals are extremely beneficial to people with a disability as they result to be a great assistance to them. They help their owner in everyday tasks that are the essential part of human’s life. They prove to be a great assistance in works like opening the door, picking up things, and many more. It is extremely beneficial for physically disabled because a human cannot provide an assistance at all times, unlike the service animal.


Types of assistance  animals:

There are basically three types of service animals. Let us explore each of them as follows,

  • Guides animal that serves the sole purpose of guiding its owner.
  • Hearing animals that are basically used to signal the people who are hearing impaired.
  • Service animals does the work for people who have some sort of disability

Animals that can be trained for being a service animal:

There is a long list of animals that are trained during the early stages of their birth, for being a service animal. Let us explore few things about the service animals and the type of assistance they provide. They are given as follows,

  • Some dogs are especially trained for sensing of seizure problems. A dog is the only animal that provides a wide option of assistance to their owners. They can provide the assistance in terms of both physical and mental disability.
  • Capuchin monkeys are another type of service animals that provide great assistance to their users, in terms of grasping items, turning the pages of a book, operating various switches of the house.
  • Another category of service animals is a miniature horse, which is trained to pull the wheels chairs for people who have a disability in the mobility, guide the blind to cross the road, etc. These horses are an excellent alternate to dogs who consider dogs to be unclean according to their religion and for people who are allergic to dogs.

Hence, if a person has any sort of disability, he should definitely keep a service animal as they provide innumerable benefits to its owners.



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