Get an Insight into the Simplest Possible Ways for Hard Drive Shredding

Can you imagine that your slight negligence can leak your confidential data and information including your personal information, account passwords, highly sensitive business information and client’s information? Feeling startled? Well, this can actually happen due to your slight negligence, just like many other such cases being reported in the news.

If your question is that how is it possible when you pay significant attention to secure your confidential data, then the answer of this question is: your highly beloved computer/laptop can do it. They are full of all your secrets and hold the power to reveal all this information once you give them to recycler or sale them to someone else without applying any data destruction technique.

If you want to discard off your useless hard drive, then don’t do it unless you are sure that it doesn’t contain your personal information in its pit. The hard drive, which is useless for you, can turn out to be the most significant thing for the hackers, unless it is not exposed to some data destruction technique.

Besides hard drive shredding, below are given the simplest possible methods, which are quite effective for hard drive destruction:


  • Hammer it to pieces – simple!

The simplest possible way to get rid of the data hidden in the pit of your hard drive is to destroy your hard drive altogether. It may sound mad, but just imagine its effectiveness, because who can join all the pieces of your hard drive which is shredded into hundreds of pieces? It can be done in three simple steps: Put it on a plane surface, gather all the aggression you have and…just slam the hammer on the hard driven with your utmost force. Isn’t it the simplest and amazing way as it not only helps you to destroy your hard drive, but also helps you to eject out all your aggression? Wao!


  • Burn it to Ashes – simple!

The other simplest way to destroy your confidential data from the hard drive is to burn it. Only burning the hard drive is not enough, because it can still be used to recover the data. So, the best possible way to destroy it is by turning it into a form which makes it impossible to recover it – molten liquefied form. For this purpose, numerous burning methods can be applied like using standard fire, blow torch or if you want to make it a bit fun and more effective, then what about using a chemical process like combination of sugar, soda and saltpeter for this purpose? But whichever method you will use, don’t forget to do it in an open place with extra caution. Nevertheless, this simple method, which doesn’t require much effort, can really help you to overkill this essential task.


  • Shoot it to the Death – simple!

What about turning your hard drive destruction into your shooting practice? Well, you can do it by taking it to some firing place or any other open place can also serve the purpose and then take a pretty deadly target and…shoot! Don’t stop until you are confident that your hard drive is completely destroyed…or dead! This is another simplest way for destroying your enemy which could have leaked your confidential data. Huh!

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