Since mankind evolved grapes and its various plant parts have been used for a number of reasons. We have found innumerable ways to utilize even the seed of the grape. And what we stumbled upon was very delightful as the grape seed extract indeed has medicinal properties.

This extract was recovered from red wine grapes after they were ground up. Until recently its uses were not known, but when discovered it was a huge breakthrough to treat a number of diseases.

The use of grape seed extract has proven to help poor blood circulation in the body, the reduction of cholesterol, and eye ailments caused due to the advent of diabetes in a patient.

Since grapes contain anti oxidants even the grape seed extract too contains these properties hence it makes the extract even more popular along with its other curing properties.


The whole new anti ageing fad has caught up with today’s generation and they want to stay young forever, and anti oxidizing properties of the extract do just the same they stop the cells from the body from ageing and damage, if were to happen would of course lead to a number of diseases. Though the anti oxidizing properties of the grape seed extract really benefit the person is still under study.

Scientists are still studying whether the grape seed extract can really benefit in preventing or curing cancer. Visit the online store to grab more knowhow.

Dosage to be taken for grape seed extracts

There aren’t sufficient studies to back that a specific dosage is safe but prescribers of the grape seed extract have claimed that 100 to 300mg per day would suffice the daily intake quota of a person.

The risks of taking grape seed extracts

Since it’s a plant based product, it would have minimal to nil side effects but certain persons who have experienced some kind of side effect such as headaches, itchy scalp, nausea and dizziness.

Precautions to be taken before starting on grape seed extract

Any, including the above extract has to be taken under medical observation because people with underlying medical conditions are putting themselves in danger. People having high blood pressure, who are allergic to grapes, bleeding disorders should first and foremost consult a medical practitioner to check if he/she is an eligible candidate for the consumption of the grape seed extract or not.

It is advisable to people who already are on other medication such as blood thinners, painkillers, heart medications, cancer treatments etc. Have to take special care and advice from their medical counsellor to start on grape seed extract and check how helpful will it be for them or harm them.

Who are not eligible for grape seed extract

Since a lot of research has not been done and the process of how safe the extract is for everybody including the right dosage level is yet to be ascertained hence it would be advisable that expectant mother, lactating woman and children are not advised to consume grape seed extract.

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