Highlight Features of the tech web 2.0 sites

The term web 2.0 sites were first used by Tim O’Reily. Web 2.0 refers to websites that have greater user engagement and accessibility. In this article, we talk about the highlight features of these 2.0 websites.

Highlight features

The highlight features of web 2.0 sites are highlighted below. The purpose of all these websites is to provide more emphasized user experiences to the users and people who engage in it. Since it is advancement from the traditional 1.0 websites, therefore several highlight features are also associated with them that make them distinct and raise them one-level above the standard. The highlight features of these web services include the following,

Number # 1 – Enhanced User Experience

The first and foremost feature of the 2.0 websites is to improve the overall user experience for the people. The traditional websites used a script such as HTML and CSS to create a frame for the users. The latest sites take it one step ahead and incorporate XML and AJAX script to create the most dynamic and revolting experience for people. At the end of the day, it is only the user experience that matters and encourages people to visit the site more often on a regular basis. It plays a crucial role in getting loyal clients for yourself.

Number # 2 – Seamless Classification of Information

The traditional websites i.e. 1.0 tech websites used the pre-installed information that was further categorized and sub-categorized. The information on the 2.0 sites deviates from the standard framework of data and therefore, you get a chance to explore the arrangement of information seamlessly.

Number # 3 – Welcomes Contribution from Users

Traditionally websites were designed by the developer, and the content that posted on it was solely from the developer or the publisher. However, with the 2.0 websites, the case is a little different. These websites welcome the active contribution from the users. Users can contribute to reviews or in the comment section. These websites encourage the participation of users for content sourcing. This is also known as crowdsourcing in which the visitors and users are approaching the website also are free to make a content contribution to the website.

Number # 4 – Boosted Confidentiality

The most important highlight of these websites is its drastically boosted confidentiality. These websites offer more confidentially and user protection. This is helpful for building an overall trust of the users and making them trust the website they are visiting. This means that the content what is available for users on this website can be edited, reused, copied and shared to other network platforms as well.

Number # 5 – Multiple modes of file deliveries

The data and information files that were on the internet were traditionally only downloaded directly from the website. These content were downloadable as the direct site from home. The 2.0 websites have content that has multiple modes of deliveries i.e. permalinks and file sharing. The content generated on these websites is also helpful to create income while maintaining a flow of the demand and supply.

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