Hot Holiday Toys

If you don’t have children of your own, holiday shopping for your smallest relatives can be challenging business.

Throughout your once-a-year pilgrimage into the toy aisle, you may find your self wondering: Are Ninja Turtles even cool nowadays? Who precisely is this Princess Elena of Avalor?

To help you score a Xmas morning hit, I’ve combed through the number of “hot toy” lists & sales predictions that show up at this time of year from reviewers, market analysts & retailers.

Here’s a round up of some of the items that they think will be huge sellers this year.


  1. These are fluffy little creatures that hatch out from an egg when you scrub and tap the egg’s surface area. The hatching practical experience is a one-time deal; children can’t reassemble the egg & watch it happen once more and again. But as soon as the “Draggles” & “Pengualas” are out of the egg, they sing, dance and answer simple questions. Hatchimals, made by Spin Master, are witout a doubt flying off shelves. At this writing, they were sold-out online at Target & Toys R Us. On, and eBay, third-party suppliers are charging 100s of dollars for the toys, which had been offering for $60.99 at Toys R Us.

Want some historical evidence of how quick these things are selling? I lately joined a group of reporters in viewing a Walmart, where professionals were outlining their vacation strategy for us.

 In the approximately two hours we have been in the store, the store offered all but two of the Hatchimals that were being on display. And this was on a Wednesday early morning in October — not quite prime time for Christmas shopping.

Tiny collectibles. One particular need only look back again on crazes such as Beanie Toddlers to know that collecting has very long been a favorite play pattern for children. For more information Best Hatchimals.

These days, although, sales of these kinds of toys are experiencing huge growth: Market research firm says through the month of June, sales of collectible items were up 64 percent over the same time last year.

The king of the type is Shopkins, a line built by Moose Toys. Toys R Us is betting on large sales of the Shopkins Tall Mall play set.

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