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NYC Prayer Time:

In this post, I am going to tell you about Prayer Time NYC (New York City, USA). If you live in New York City, USA; you do not need to worry now. Below I will tell you about the starting and end time of each prayer of the day. Following the timings, you can always offer your prayers living in NYC on time.


Prayer in Islam

For a Muslim, a prayer is the most important thing. Muslims offer their prayers in a sound and a proper way and praise and thanks Allah for everything. To offer prayer on time is a vital duty of every Muslim in the world. A prayer is also a pillar of the religion Islam. For every Muslim, it is compulsory to offer Fajr, Zuhr, Asar, Maghrib, and Isha prayer.

Prayer Timings in New York City

Fajr Prayer:

The spreading of the light of the dawn on the sky indicates the start time to offer Fajr prayer that is also the first prayer of the day. It means that with the dawn, the time for offering the morning prayer of the day begins. When the rays of the sun start striking on the sky, the time to offer morning prayer ends. It is commendable that with the spreading of the light of dawn, Muslims should offer Fajr prayer.

Zuhr Prayer:

Do not know about Zuhr NYC prayer times? Here is how you can know about Zuhr NYC prayer times. Zohr prayer times starts right at Noon. When the sun starts to decline, the time of Zuhr prayer begins. The time of decline of the sun is zawal time. Thus; we can offer Zuhr prayer after Zawal time. The time of this prayer of the day ends when the length of the shadow of an object becomes double in addition to the shadow of the object at midday.

Asar Pray:

At the time of Asar prayer, we all are busy in daily activities of our life. Is it difficult for you to find Asar NYC prayer times? Right from the end time of Zuhr prayer when the length of the shadow of an object becomes double in addition to the shadow of the object at midday, the time of Asar prayer begins. You can offer your Asar prayer before the sun starts setting.

Maghrib Prayer:

You can easily find Maghrib NYC prayer times? Right after the sunset, the time of evening prayer commences. When the time of the last prayer of the day commences, the time of Maghrib prayer ends. Or with the disappearance of whiteness in the sky after the disappearance of redness, the time of Maghrib prayer ends.

Isha Prayer:

When there is no whiteness on the sky after the disappearance of redness, the time of Isha prayer commences. You can offer Isha prayer before the rising of the dawn. However; it is commendable that one must offer Isha prayer early. One should not get too late in offering Isha prayer.


Jumma Prayer Time NYC:

Jumma Prayer Time NYC is the time, when Muslims offer the Jumma Prayer on Friday. The timing of Jumma Prayer is the same as the Zohar Prayer Timing. The Jumma Prayer has a significant importance among all Prayers of Muslims. So, the Muslims offer Jumma Prayer to follow the Islamic rules. The Jumma Prayer is offered on time in the “Jaamay Masjid”.

Have a look at NYC Prayer Times I have shared above. Being a Muslim, you must make your 100% efforts to offer all of your prayers on time for being under the blessing and mercy of Allah.

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