List of my favourite best riding lawn mowers

Allow me to give to you some useful information to do with riding lawn mowers or ride- on lawn mowers as some others may know them as. You may be considering purchasing a riding mower and if you are, you have come to the right place to get the information which will help guide you to make the right decision.


Let’s start with the question, why would someone want to purchase a riding mower? Well if you have a large yard or garden in excess of a quarter of an acre, that’s approximately 1.440 square yards, then you would certainly be justified in buying a riding mower. If a lawn of that size gets even a little overgrown, it can become a major job if you were to use a walk behind lawn mower to get the lawn into shape. However, a riding mower can easily deal with this situation; after all there is a lot more horse power built into the riding lawnmower.

Apart from the issue of the size of your lawn, time can sometimes be a deciding factor. One of the big advantages with a riding mower is speed; a riding mower can make for shorter mowing time. With the advantage of the greater horse power the cutting speed is almost always faster, the collection of the cut grass is effortless and the physical efforts required from the operator is minimal.

Other factors also come into play depending on your stand in relation to the environment. Generally gas riding mowers, are not so good for the environment due to the emission of gases and other pollutants. However you may be surprised to learn that electric riding mowers are readily available. They can mow up to half an acre between charges, and they are almost silent.

Before you go out and buy your riding mower, take a good look around your yard or garden and see if the lawn would be easy for a riding mower to get to all the places which need to be mowed. Bear in mind the turning radius of the new machine. If there are too many obstacles in your lawn to easily operate your mower, then a good self propelled walk behind mower may be the solution for you.

A riding mower requires more maintenance then a standard walk behind mower, but if you change the oil in beginning of the cutting season, there is not a lot that goes wrong with them. You will also need somewhere to store the new machine to protect it from the weather elements during the fall and winter.

I will give you a list of the best riding lawn mowers available in the market today.

  • John Deer riding lawn mowers
  • Murray riding lawn mowers
  • Snapper riding lawn mowers
  • Husqvarna riding lawn mower
  • Ford riding lawn mowers

These brands of mowers have proved themselves to be the top rated riding lawn mowers on the market today. They tend to be on the dearer side, check out the used riding mowers for sale in the local papers or on eBay. I would still advise buying one of the above second hand. I would advise staying away from cheap riding mowers, as they rarely deliver the steady good service of a good quality mower.

If money is no problem I suggest gathering a few reviews on riding lawn mowers from the net and then comparing the features and aesthetics that appeal to you most.

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