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The demand for personal development products has never been better in modern times. The self personal progression industry is a billion dollar market. Just go to any book store & you will see rows upon rows of personal development books.

It’s like each and every other week there is a new e-book from a new success expert. In the same way, there are a lot of audio programmes, videos, training seminars & courses on a wide range of self progress categories.


Despite the comparatively high price to purchase these training seminars & courses, the demand is even now as excellent as ever.

It’s popular to hear stories of effective individuals reading tons of self enhancement books, attending several courses, and generally filling their brains with everything that can help them improve & succeed. Constantly engulfing ourselves in personal development material can help maintain the momentum of continuous improvement & success.

Though great as it is, there is usually a danger of overdoing it. Like almost everything else in life, stability is needed. For each and every self improvement lovers out there, there is the chance of falling into the trap of utilizing self improvement to gain hope rather than real results.

Have you ever before known or heard of someone who reads e-book after book, attends conference after seminar & keeps seeking the newest ‘success secret’ but are certainly not able to produce all that into external achievements? Despite not having success, these individuals keep doing the same thing, keeping their belief in the self enhancement movement.

If what they had learned did not get big changes, they go on reading through more books, participating other seminars, and continue to seek the top secret ingredient which they consider will transform their lives.

And ultimately, they do this all their everyday life without actually getting any of the good results that was assured in the books/seminars/programs.

Simply because they are disappointed and want to change numerous aspects of their lives, individuals turn to personal development – as it promises of the chance of making changes. But this turning to personal development can become like an habit, like a drug. For more information visit Eric Amidi.

Here’s an instance. When factors aren’t going well, you purchase a book which assures it can show you how to turn things around quickly. You get started to think “Yeah, if I learn this things almost everything will be fine”. So now you got some hope. For the next 4 months you immerse your self in the book.

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