Let’s talk about some Unique Ideas for Flower Girl Dresses

Today, it’s all about cuteness! We all know that flower girls are one of the most adorable parts of a wedding with those unique flower girl dresses, so why not take a break from the wedding planning stress and take a look at some sweet fashions for the littlest members of your wedding party.

I was a flower girl several times throughout my life, and I still remember it quite vividly: pulling my cousin P.J. or flower girl dresses UK by the arm when he refused to walk down the aisle, crying because I didn’t want to put on hot pink lipstick (hey, it was the ’80s!) and riding in a limo for the first time like a grown-up. I didn’t fully understand what was going on, but the solemn ceremonies (“you may now kiss the bride”) and the joyful celebrations that followed (my relatives’ funky dance moves to “Now That We Found Love” by Heavy D & the Boys) left an indelible impression on me.


Finally, I’m the bride, and I can’t wait to have my precious cousin Viviana be my flower girl with flower girl dresses. She’s just three years old, but her wide-eyed wonder and feistiness remind me of another little girl I used to know—me. I’d like my flower girl to have a say in the outfit she wears come September, so I’ve started to gather options that are fit for a little princess.

Present your little flower girls with the gift that keeps on giving with these little mementos to treasure until their wedding day with hair bows for girls. When the time comes for their search for ‘something old’, they will be able to use the special little gift from your wedding day!

Always Look For The Best Option:

We adore each and every one of these gorgeous flower girl hair styles! Whether her hair is long, short, blonde, brunette or in between we have an adorable style for you. Use plenty of flowers, real or imitation, whether it be in the form of a flower crown, head band or floral pins. If your flower girl won’t be dolled up, dress up her look with hair accessories.

    • Depending on your flower girls age, the style of your designer flower girl dresses and her dress, you can choose hair styles accordingly. A slick bun or loose curls; even keep her hair completely natural and implement floristry for a really beautiful casual look.

  • We just adore braids with beautiful girl bridesmaid dresses of all shapes and sizes… pigtails and loose braids are cute and girly or alternatively, incorporate braids into a bun for a really formal option.
  • The embellished neckline of this dress elevates its casual style, making it a comfortable and yet, stylish choice for a flower girl.
  • A longer dress with lace details is gorgeous for a summer wedding.
  • The ribbon sleeves on this lace dress are such a great detail.
  • It’s not all about white, ivory and pale shades. Add some color with a gorgeous mint tulle dress.

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