Wedding Gifts which every Indian Bride will love to receive on her wedding

The wedding season is on and it is time to look for gifts for your loved ones. When you are looking for a gift which is more personal and memorable than don’t go for the same old toaster, blender and more. It is time that you go for something off-beat that is sure to leave the married couple with beautiful memories of the occasion not just for now but many years to come. We have listed down some of the best gifts that every Indian bride will love to receive as her wedding gift.

Frame their wedding invite

If you are looking for a gift which is going to make it truly romantic for the couple then the best thing to do would be to frame their wedding invite or you can even get their names framed, it will be a nice accessory for a blank wall and at the same time is going to give a personalized effect too.


Fill Up their Refrigerator

If you are amongst her bestie, the best you can do is fill up her refrigerator with all the essentials that she would need after she comes back from her honeymoon. It will give a relaxing start to her new life and will shower countless blessings on you too.


How about gifting a travel bag

You know that the moment the wedding couple is out on their honeymoon they are definitely going to run out of bags. Gift them a travel bag with their names engraved on it, giving it a personalized touch. Travel bags are great wedding gifts if you have a friend who never runs out of clothes while she is traveling to a place.


Personalised coffee mugs to start a cheerful day

Let their mornings be both bright and cheerful. Gift them a personalized coffee mug in which they can sip in their hot mug of cappuccino early in the morning. It is sure to bring a smile on their face early in the morning and make them feel truly special too. If you couldn’t make up for their wedding, get an online gift delivery in India to make her feel that even if you are far away from her, she still means the world to you.


Houseplants can be more thoughtful gifts

Something that the couple can take care of it together. If they are too busy with their hectic schedules, you can also go for succulents which are not just adorable to look but at the same time requires the least maintenance too. If you are suffering from a heavy time crunch, you can send gifts to India or any other destination with a click of the mouse.


Bring memories back

Score all the brownie points with this one, a collage of the beautiful photos of the happy couple that can bring back memories of the occasion every time they have a glance at it. Make it even more personalized by attaching small notes along with it which will take them back to the sweet memories that they have cherished in the past.


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